Remington Products - Remington Axcess Trimmer won"t cut anything more than 1/8 inch

Atascadero, California 0 comments
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Bought a Remington Acess Trimmer (Electric Pole Trimmer) Says it cut upto 3/4 inches.I have lock up problems everytime I use this item.

I am only trimming small plants, bushes, etc. It just doesn't have any musle. Any time it hit a say 1/8 inch dry branch it locks up. What an irratation.

I am going to OSH where I bought it and see what can be done. It just won't cut thru anything. I'd have to say this has got to be the worst product I have ever owned.

My hand heger does a great job.This device needs a sharper blade system or a stronger motor.

Remington Products - Lousy electric shavers (2) Got the shaver for Christmas; it pulled hair rather than cut it. It hurt.

Lebanon, Oregon 0 comments
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Got the Remington Titanic shaver for Christmas; it pulled hair rather than cut it. It hurt so much the razor was unusable. I had thrown the packaging away and never did get the receipt.

I had an electric razor back in the 60's and loved it but when it got stolen I went back to a regular razor. But my gift giver gave me the electric razor bug and I decided to switch and bought another - it did the same thing.

I complained to Remington who was no help getting me a refund; I think they owe me one - original packaging, receipt or not.

Review about: Titanium Electric Razor.

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